Lake Bayano’s Cave Exploration


Lake Bayano was created from the Rio Bayano and its tributaries following the construction of a dam and hydroelectric plant that today supplies Panama City and other areas with their electricity. 80% of the lakefront is within the Comarca de Madungandi, populated by the indigenous Guna, Emberá, and Wounan Amerindian peoples.
Lake Bayano is the Jewel of Panama with a spectacular environment that is home to hundreds of birds and other animal species, some of them very rare. Chief among its many splendors are the Panama Caves of Lake Bayano. The caves were formed over many centuries by an underground river that continues to flow today. Fortunately for all of us, the caves are easily entered and enjoyed by foot year-round, and partially by boat during the rainy season.
This spectacular trip will take you deep into the caves where you will be able to see rock formations, natural pools of water filled with fish, colorful frogs and most importantly hundreds of bats! At several locations, the ceiling of the cave opens and you will be standing in amazing shafts of pure sunlight that illuminate the cave and all its wonders.
We will be in the caves for approximately two hours. Once out of the caves we will have some time to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch while observing various bird species and howler monkeys.



Full day (arrival at hotel at 6:30 pm approx.)


Land and water transportation, specialized guide, lunch, safety equipment.


Please inquire

Please note that any tour departing from Gamboa or Playa Bonita hotels, or hotels near the airports will have a total surcharge of $70 plus 7% tax.


Pick up time is at 7 am.



Hiking shoes that can get wet, towel, and change of clothes.


The following information is a Panama tipping guide:

  • Shuttle Driver $ 2.00 per person, per day.
  • Sightseeing tour driver $ 5.00 per person, per day.
  • Tour guide $ 10.00 per person, per day.
  • Tour boat driver $ 5.00 per person, per day.
  • Bellboys and airports $ 1.00 per bag.
  • Waiter / a restaurant 10% – 15%.