Honey has a long-standing history with humans, dating back thousands of years. While today it is commonly used in various products for sweetening and flavoring, it has also been used for medicinal purposes and also religious rituals. Today you will visit a private honey farm in the highlands. Here you will learn about the secret lives of bees and how each type of bee plays a role in the environment, as well as the complex process behind producing one of the most delicious ingredients in the world. Walk through the property’s beautiful gardens, filled with a variety of local plants and flowers, then awake your taste buds to the delicious silkiness of freshly made organic honey with a unique honey tasting!


Coiba National Park is a protected zone off of Panama’s Pacific Coast, in the Gulf of Chiriquí, consisting of the main Coiba Island, as well as 38 smaller islands and their surrounding waters. In 2005, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rich flora and fauna and also scientific value, serving home to many threatened species and important to key migration patterns. Coiba Island was once a penal colony, therefore limiting human access or contact, so the result is an extremely pristine destination with nearly intact natural resources.