Strategically located between the highlands and lowlands of Chiriquí province, Finca Ceriana Nature Reserve forms part of a privately protected area for the conservation of flora and fauna in the region. One of Finca Ceriana’s unique characteristics is the number of bird species and other animals from the upper and lower mountain areas. The property is part of the biological corridor that hosts the famous Volcán lagoons.


Set off into the sky for a memorable experience soaring over Panama City and the Panama Canal in a private helicopter. This one-hour ride will take you from ocean to ocean, with exclusive views of the San Lorenzo Fortress, indigenous Embera villages, and the Canal’s full operations and current expansion site. Flying only 100 feet above the Chagres River will give you the opportunity to take top photos of the lush rainforest below.


Enjoy an ecological boat tour on Gatun Lake, a large manmade lake formed when the Gatun Dam was built across the Chagres River between 1907 and 1913. At the time of its creation, Gatun Lake was the largest artificial lake in the world, encompassing 430 square kilometers (166 sq mi). Today it remains an essential part of the Panama Canal system, carrying ships for 33 kilometers (21 mi) of their transit across the isthmus of Panama, and also generating crucial hydro-electricity for the operation of the Canal’s locks.


Follow the famous route that thousands of cargo ships take each year on a full transit of the Panama Canal. This one-day canal crossing on a shared boat first crosses under the Bridge of the Americas and then navigates through all three sets of the Canal’s locks: the Pedro Miguel Locks, the Miraflores Locks and the Gatun Locks. On this journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic, you will also travel through the historically significant Gaillard Cut, otherwise known as the Culebra Cut, and discover Gatun Lake.


This partial transit of the Panama Canal either follows a southbound or northbound route, depending on the day. On the partial transit, you will pass through two of the Canal’s three sets of locks: Miraflores Locks and Pedro Miguel Locks. The southbound route boards the shared boat in Gamboa and begins at the north end of the historically significant Gaillard Cut, also known as the Culebra Cut.